Green Antz Builders is an innovative provider of building and housing solutions that integrates eco-friendly practices and green technologies in its products and services.

It started as an advocacy in 2012 - the focus then was to convert plastic wastes to construction products. Eventually, it evolved to what it is now: a company which promotes practices and technologies that will protect the environment.

It views waste as a valuable resource that can be converted to green products. This is deeply ingrained in its operations. While developing innovative products for the contruction industry through strategic partnership with reposible companies.


To our Customers :

To be recognized as an innovative provider of environment-friendly products and solutions for the construction industry.

To our Society :

To be a responsible corporate citizen that complies with all laws and regulation.

To be a leading driver of social value through impactful initiatives on green sustainability, poverty alleviation and improving the access to shelter and classroom.


To create sustainable and environmentally responsible communities.


To create sustainable and environmentally responsible communities.